Revcontent is the world’s fastest growing content recommendation service, powering more than 250 billion content recommendation per month. Revcontent partners with the most innovative media companies and brands such as Forbes, Newsweek, Reuters, UNILAD, and International Business Times.

Revcontent’s Mission

Revcontent’s mission is to ensure the freedom of ideas and idea discovery by powering a personal relationship between people and the sites they visit, and rewarding the creators of those ideas with greater returns, empowering them to not only exist, but to thrive and expand their ideas and the people they reach them.

Founded by current CEO, John Lemp, Revcontent aims to become the largest content recommendation platform in the world. Revcontent’s exclusive partnership with premium publishers builds Revcontent’s quality network organically, providing marketers with higher engagement and performance, and publishers with higher revenue per user.

As a result of 900% growth over the last year, Revcontent continues to make strides in the international market. Revcontent acquired the largest European recommendation network, ContentClick, in an all cash deal. Revcontent has a strong passion and desire to provide a different kind of solution then what has existed in the market for the past 8 years, a solution that will put the control of the user experience back into all publishers and agencies hands. In acquiring ContentClick, the largest independent content recommendation company in Europe, it brings Revcontent a huge step closer to that goal as they bring massive UK and European media relationships like Bauer Xcel, Archant, Ladbible, Unilad, and others as well as the top tier Advertisers and Agencies in Europe into the Revcontent platform.

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