Revcontent Scores Partnership with Second Largest Indian Publisher

As Revcontent continues to grow and dominate the domestic US market, it has far broader goals on expanding to international markets. With this latest partnership, Revcontent has the ability to reach even more of the world’s population.

According to recent coverage, Revcontent signed an exclusive deal with HT Media, the second largest Indian publisher. Founded in 1924, the Hindustan Times is the flagship publication of HT Media, and it is widely regarded as one of India’s most trusted & respected brands.

Revcontent’s superior technology will allow HT Media to build a stronger connection with its readers. Both parties are happy to announce this partnership based on honesty, transparency, and integrity and when combined with Revcontent’s superior returns, this partnership was a no-brainer for HT Media.

Revcontent CEO, John Lemp Praises HT Media

John Lemp, Founder & CEO of Revcontent was proud to announce this recent partnership as well. He stated,

We have the utmost respect for HT Media and the brands they’ve built in India, while operating with the highest values. Revcontent is proud to partner with their influential voice to continue growing their brand.

With superior technology and superior returns for publishers, this international partnership is sure to be just one of many for Revcontent.

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