How Revcontent is Changing Native Advertising for the Better


Revcontent is the world’s fastest growing content recommendation platform, serving over 200 billion impressions daily to visitors across the world. In a recent article on GroundReport, Keith Tully highlighted a few ways Revcontent is changing the native advertising game for the better. Specifically he mentioned that Revcontent is:

  • Deepening engagement with website visitors
  • Maximizing EPCs for publishers
  • Continually increasing content quality for visitors

Essentially, Revcontent is working non-stop to create the best possible platform for both publishers and website visitors. Given native advertising’s somewhat negative reputation thanks to a number of other services, Revcontent is breaking the norm of native advertising by engaging visitors and delivering content they truly want to see.

In addition, Revcontent has launched several features over the past few months, such as:

  • RevExit, a pop-up that gives a user a chance to see the content when exiting away from a page on their first impression every 24 hours.
  • RevFlickr, a tool that enables publishers to change the layout of the content slider based on device.
  • RevSlider, a carousel that can showcase Revcontent ads on a particular website.
  • RevShifter, a tool that monetizes premium sections of a site using touch support and navigation.

Revcontent continues to raise the bar for native advertising, and its commitment to serving both its publishers and their website visitors is improving how native advertising is perceived. With spending on native advertising continuing to rise significantly, the industry needs a company like Revcontent to improve quality standards so that everyone benefits in the long run.

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