& Revcontent Announce Strategic Partnership, a top 100 Alexa site, and Revcontent, the world’s fastest growing content recommendation network, have announced their exclusive, strategic partnership. Under this new partnership, Revcontent will bring new, engaging content to’s news sites. is composed of 900 local news sites, which receive an average of 20 million monthly unique visitors and 59 million monthly page views. With Revcontent’s superior ad quality, users can now receive the highest quality experience with native content that truly interests them.

When asked about the new partnership, Charles Hale, CEO of, had this to say, “Patch has worked with multiple players in the content recommendation space, and after extensive evaluations, Patch concluded that Revcontent was able to deliver the best combination of content control and monetization. Patch values Revcontent as a partner.”

John Lemp, CEO & Founder of Revcontent, shared his thoughts as well:

“Charles is a transformative genius – his passion from the very beginning has been focused on the user and how he can create a better user experience in everything he is building. I have so rarely come across a person that simply ‘gets it,’ and it’s refreshing to see someone so passionate about users and then using the information our systems provide to better connect with them.”

With this partnership, Revcontent has added yet another major publisher to its’ already impressive list of partners including Forbes, Newsweek, and the International Business Times.

Read the full press release here:

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