• Patch.com & Revcontent Announce Strategic Partnership

    Patch.com, a top 100 Alexa site, and Revcontent, the world’s fastest growing content recommendation network, have announced their exclusive, strategic partnership. Under this new partnership, Revcontent will bring new, engaging content to Patch.com’s news sites.

    Patch.com is composed of 900 local news sites, which receive an average of 20 million monthly unique visitors and 59 million monthly page views. With Revcontent’s superior ad quality, Patch.com users can now receive the highest quality experience with native content that truly interests them.

    When asked about the new partnership, Charles Hale, CEO of Patch.com, had this to say, “Patch has worked with multiple players in the content recommendation space, and after extensive evaluations, Patch concluded that Revcontent was able to deliver the best combination of content control and monetization. Patch values Revcontent as a partner.”

    John Lemp, CEO & Founder of Revcontent, shared his thoughts as well:

    “Charles is a transformative genius – his passion from the very beginning has been focused on the user and how he can create a better user experience in everything he is building. I have so rarely come across a person that simply ‘gets it,’ and it’s refreshing to see someone so passionate about users and then using the information our systems provide to better connect with them.”

    With this partnership, Revcontent has added yet another major publisher to its’ already impressive list of partners including Forbes, Newsweek, and the International Business Times.

    Read the full press release here: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160504005167/en/Patch.com-Chooses-Revcontent-Exclusive-Content-Recommendation-Partner

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  • Revcontent CEO John Lemp Featured Interview on Forbes

    The last few months have been incredibly exciting for Revcontent – the world’s fastest growing content recommendation platform. In February, the company announced an official partnership with Forbes, one of the largest online publishers of business/finance related content.

    Just recently, Forbes Contributor Amit Crowdhry published an in-depth article that explained just how Revcontent has grown into what he calls a “content innovation powerhouse.”

    Crowdhry was able to interview John Lemp, founder and CEO of Revcontent. When asked about when and how Revcontent was founded and funded, Lemp had this to say,

    For us this company has never been about money and if we want to keep our mission pure we need to think different in every way in which we operate as a company.”

    He later added,

    “One thing many people don’t realize is the true cost to taking in funding too early and what that can do to a truly world changing mission.  This is why we have actively chose from the start to not be a company that takes funding.”

    Lemp has been featured in several publications recently like Examiner and NativeAdBuzz, and like he has said in the past, what has helped Revcontent grow into this powerhouse in the content recommendation industry has been the focus on people – not necessarily the technology itself.

    For us, one of the biggest strategic decisions was to focus on people – whether it’s our media partners, consumers or our employees. For consumers, we learn from them and connect with them to build a relationship.” Said Lemp.

    In fact, he attributes this focus on people, not technology as the only reason for Revcontent’s growth.

    According to Lemp, Revcontent’s focus “will always be on people in every area of our organization and I can confidently say that is our biggest differentiator and the sole reason for our growth.”

    If Revcontent continues to grow at its’ current pace, it is possible that the company will surpass Taboola and Outbrain as the world’s largest content recommendation network within the next year and a half. Lemp ended the interview by stating that he hopes to provide more competition and market disruption so that Revcontent is challenged each day to provide a better user experience and greater revenues to publishers.

    About Revcontent

    Revcontent is the world’s fastest growing content recommendation platform, serving over 200 billion impressions per month. The company also works with some of the world’s largest publishers such as Forbes, Newsweek, International Business Times, and many more.

    To learn more about Revcontent, feel free to visit: http://revcontent.com

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  • John Lemp Interviewed on Examiner.com

    john lempJohn Lemp, CEO and Founder of Revcontent, was recently interviewed on Examiner.com to share some insight about his rapidly growing content recommendation network.

    Here are some excerpts from this interview, which shed some light about how and why Revcontent is the fastest growing content recommendation platform on the globe:


    On How He Obtained Respected Partners like Forbes & Newsweek

    We have built a business around people and surrounding ourselves with the best of the best. It seems there are some brilliant and innovative media executives that were willing to take chances on us over the last couple of years and I don’t believe it’s an accident that they are from some of the most well respected and fastest growing properties out there.

    On What it Takes to Become an Approved Publisher

    Engagement. Surprisingly, it’s not always the sites you think of that have the best engagement. We’ve turned down media brands that aren’t reaching our ideal engagement level. People who are continually building a relationship with their users, a stronger user path, a larger user base- people who are putting their users first.

    On Why He Started Revcontent & Why Rev Content is Successful

    Based on feedback and ideas from contacts in the media and publishing industry, there were two main players out in the content recommendation space. People were telling me the level of engagement and the rates they were getting, and they were embarrassing. They felt like there was not enough innovation, that there needed to be an alternative that gave them control and power.


    He later shared that the secret to Revcontent’s success is the fact that their advanced technology is simply outperforming the competition. Lemp adds that the CEO of Newsweek has even claimed that Revcontent is “tripling their competitors RPMs” on Newsweek.


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