• Render Media Announces Exclusive Partnership With Revcontent


    Following a number of leading content publishers, Render Media announced it has partnered exclusively with Revcontent to serve visitors with recommended content on all of its properties including Opposing Views, America News, Watch This and Cooking Panda. Much like Forbes & Newsweek, Render Media chose to partner with Revcontent because of their “powerful, industry‐leading technology” that allows Render Media to have control over their content.

    After testing content recommendation on their web properties, Render Media quickly chose Revcontent because of its’ superior performance over leading competitors.

    Vic Belonogoff, CEO at Render Media said,

    “Revcontent puts incredible thought and care into building out publisher control and brand protection tools. Our team can set restrictions that put the content our audiences will love most right in front of them, customizing it for each media property.”

    Richard Iwanik­-Marques, Vice President of Marketing at Revcontent, said,

    “Seeing a media brand like Render engage with and love our technology is a humbling feeling. Our mission is always to put publishers in complete control with our tools.”

    Render Media uses social content to inform, power, and entertain an audience of over 30 million per month, and this partnership adds another major publisher to the impressive list of

    existing publishers that have signed exclusively with Revcontent. Just a few months ago, Forbes announced an exclusive partnership and in May Patch.com also signed an exclusive deal with Revcontent.

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  • How Revcontent is Changing Native Advertising for the Better


    Revcontent is the world’s fastest growing content recommendation platform, serving over 200 billion impressions daily to visitors across the world. In a recent article on GroundReport, Keith Tully highlighted a few ways Revcontent is changing the native advertising game for the better. Specifically he mentioned that Revcontent is:

    • Deepening engagement with website visitors
    • Maximizing EPCs for publishers
    • Continually increasing content quality for visitors

    Essentially, Revcontent is working non-stop to create the best possible platform for both publishers and website visitors. Given native advertising’s somewhat negative reputation thanks to a number of other services, Revcontent is breaking the norm of native advertising by engaging visitors and delivering content they truly want to see.

    In addition, Revcontent has launched several features over the past few months, such as:

    • RevExit, a pop-up that gives a user a chance to see the content when exiting away from a page on their first impression every 24 hours.
    • RevFlickr, a tool that enables publishers to change the layout of the content slider based on device.
    • RevSlider, a carousel that can showcase Revcontent ads on a particular website.
    • RevShifter, a tool that monetizes premium sections of a site using touch support and navigation.

    Revcontent continues to raise the bar for native advertising, and its commitment to serving both its publishers and their website visitors is improving how native advertising is perceived. With spending on native advertising continuing to rise significantly, the industry needs a company like Revcontent to improve quality standards so that everyone benefits in the long run.

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  • Revcontent Listed in Top Places to Work by Tampa Bay Business Journal

    Revcontent was recently listed as one of the best places to work in Tampa Bay Business Journal.

    According to the recent rankings, which are published yearly, Revcontent was ranked as the 5th best place to work in the Tampa Bay area. After learning of their award, several Revcontent team members shared their thoughts about the prestigious achievement,

    “The culture at Revcontent is second to none and that’s what separates us from the others. Every single person here has a drive and passion to achieve our goal to be the biggest and best at what we do. I’ve worked for many different companies in different industries, and this is by far the most fun I’ve ever had while grinding every single day. I can truly say that not a day goes by that I’m not excited to walk through the front doors and get to work.” – PJ Lange, Advertising Executive

    “The remarkable culture Revcontent has created goes far beyond arcade games, beer cart, and team building events; employees here feel empowered to succeed and contribute to the growth of the company as a whole. The dedicated, passionate people I get to work with every day are not only brilliant, but also inspiring. Each day I know I will learn something new that will help me grow in both my personal life and professional career.” – Sharon Lyon, Director of Operations

    Revcontent continues to grow and prosper in the content recommendation industry, much in part due to its’ company culture set by CEO & founder John Lemp.

    This culture will only continue to enable Revcontent to succeed, and this award from the Tampa Bay Business Journal is likely going to be only one of many other awards to come down the road.

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