Listverse & Revcontent Announce New Partnership

Recently, Revcontent announced an exclusive partnership between Listverse, the original “top 10” site, and Revcontent, the fastest growing content recommendation platform in the world.

Listverse specializes in bizarre content or lesser-known trivia and currently serves over 30 million pages a month. Thanks to Revcontent’s proprietary technology, Listverse can serve the highest quality content to their visitors based on thousands of data points gathered by Revcontent.

One of the most important factors that led to this mutually beneficial partnership between Revcontent & Listverse was data integrity. Listverse has the ability to match Revcontent’s performance dashboard to Google Analytics, which brings a level of trust and honesty to both companies.

On what this partnership means for Revcontent, Mark Hendrix, the current Business Development Executive at Revcontent had this to say,

Jamie and the Listverse team is keen on integrity and their partners. We love the quality and level of content that his team consistently generates, and I’m excited that Listverse has turned to Revcontent for the performance and integrity needed to significantly expand his operation and reach to new levels.

Listverse is arguably one of the world’s largest trivia sites and it has already been featured on BBC Radio, Gizmodo, PBS, and the New York Times.

This partnership adds another huge partner to Revcontent’s already existing base of publishers. Within the last six months, Revcontent has partnered with the likes of Forbes,, and Newsweek.

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